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How does a workout shirt match a jacket and skirt?


How does a workout shirt match a jacket and skirt?

The dressing is still a thing that can not be despised for the girls who love the sports style. Although the sports style is relatively simple, they can still wear fashionable , cool and handsome shapes to make themselves more fashionable and stylish as long as they match carefully.When matching the clothes, we should consider three factors:  the first is our own beauty and figure, the second is the choice of the single products, and the third is the matching of each single product. Only when we do a good job in these three aspects can we ensure the effect of wearing.

1. How do the workout shirts match the coats?

Every trendsetter will have at least one workout shirt , not only because of its comfort, but also because this comfortable dressing method has been loved by everyone. The casual workout shirts can be matched with a variety of coats, and this casual feeling can highlight the wearer's self-confidence. So how should the popular workout shirts in autumn match with the coats?

Recommendation 1: workout shirt + knitwear, the bright and playful knitted cardigans and the round neck workout shirts will appear layered, lazy and lovely.The loose casual knitted cardigan can keep warm and can be full of sweet smell in the slightly cold early spring.

Recommendation 2: workout shirt + casual suit jacket. The mix of the workout shirt and casual suit is suitable for the beauties who both like fashion and pursue fashion.

Recommendation 3: workout shirt + leather jacket. The girls who are a little cool and neutral must not miss the matching of the workout shirt and the leather jacket.

2. How do workout shirts match workout pants and skirts?

I. The dress of the workout shirts with the the workout pants is a more traditional dress, but it is also the most handsome and youthful dress.

II. The workout shirts with the skirt.The style of the workout shirt is more casual and capable, while the skirt is more gentle. When the two styles are matched together, they will collide with the different sparks.

III. A workout shirt with A-line skirt is both youthful and energetic.The a-line skirt does not pick the figure to wear. It will make you very thin, and it can lengthen the figure proportion and appear that your legs are very long.The white and red color contrast workout shirt is matched with the pink color contrast skirt. The bright color elements make the color matching of the whole dress jump and flexible.

IV. The workout shirt with the long skirts will create a lazy feeling.The girls with the fat lower body can try this way of wearing the long skirts.The black and green color contrast workout shirt is matched with the plaid skirt. The upper body is handsome and the lower body is artistic. The collision of these two styles has a more fashionable sense.

V. The short girls can choose to wear the short sweatshirts with the short skirts.The waist line is improved at once,and elongate the body proportion, showing long legs and high height.