Washing of the Seamless Workout Outfit


Washing of the Seamless Workout Outfit

I. What can a seamless workout outfit be used for?


Seamless technology is also more sustainable and minimizes yarn and fabric consumption because it skips labour-intensive sewing and cutting processes that tend to waste fabric. Seamless technology does not require as many machines to be involved in the production of garments, thereby reducing energy consumption. The dyeing process of each garment is well controlled and water is continuously recycled. Compared to tailored products, seamless styles have significantly less waste. The benefit of having no seams or fewer is that you usually don't have to deal with seam failures, making activewear very durable. The high-performance quality of the seamless workout outfit makes it suitable for almost any fitness activity, including weightlifting, cardio, yoga, running, cycling, climbing, and more.


II. How to wash your seamless workout outfit?


1. Let your seamless workout outfit like seamless gym shorts dry from sweat before washing: When you take off your workout clothes, hang them somewhere to dry. This will be easier to clean because your laundry basket and gym bag are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, and you don't want bacteria to form on your gym clothes.


2. After drying, put the seamless workout outfit inside out in the washing machine: Sweat and dirt are mainly found on the inside of the sportswear. By turning the item over, you can wash away sweat and odour-causing bacteria more efficiently.


3. Wash your sportswear with similar items: Putting different materials into the washing machine with your sportswear may damage your sportswear. Washing sportswear with "heavy" materials may create friction against lighter sportswear during the spin cycle.


4. Wash your workout clothes in cold water: The fabrics in seamless workout outfits don't respond well to heat, as this can cause the fabric’s elasticity to break and the colour can fade. The ideal temperature for washing sportswear is 30°C.


5. Don't use any fabric softeners or bleach: The chemicals in fabric softeners and bleach can disrupt the sweat-absorbing properties of a seamless workout outfit and can affect the colour of the fabric.


6. Let your seamless workout outfit air dry, don't use the dryer: As mentioned earlier, heat resistance and activewear fabrics are not a good combination. Air dry your items on a rack. This will keep them fresh longer while also avoiding shrinkage.


7. Pay attention to the care label: In addition to these tips, be sure to refer to the care label and follow the instructions above. Able to help you keep your sportswear fresh and fresh for longer.