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Tips on Women's Exercise Underwear Washing and Storage


Tips on Women's Exercise Underwear Washing and Storage

One of the most important fashion activities for modern people is fitness. Exercise of any intensity can make women's chest vibrate. Women's exercise underwear can not only fix the chest from the impact of vibration, but also prevent the chest from obstructing the movement. Although underwear does not need to be cleaned frequently, for girls who love to exercise, how can they resist the sticky sweat? Just after exercising, women's exercise underwear is soaked in sweat. So the frequency of washing women's exercise underwear is also high, but do you really know about the washing of women's exercise underwear? How should you wash the women's exercise underwear?


Ⅰ. How often is women's exercise underwear washed?


Taking into account the particularity of the material, women's exercise underwear is recommended to be worn 1-3 times and washed once. It is best to choose hand wash. If there is still smell of sweat after washing, you can try to soak for 15 minutes before washing. There is a situation where women's exercise underwear has been used more often, and there are too many sweat stains inside, which are more difficult to clean. Therefore, there is still a peculiar smell after washing, and the functionality decreases after wearing for a long time. It is recommended that women's exercise underwear be replaced.

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Ⅱ. How to wash and store women's exercise underwear


1.  Women's exercise underwear is best to be cleaned in time to prevent sweat stains from affecting the service life of the underwear.


2. Use warm water to wash by hand, and avoid rubbing hard to prevent damage to the normal elasticity of sports underwear sets and deformation.


3. Do not wash women's exercise underwear together with other clothes in the washing machine to prevent cross-infection of germs carried by dirty clothes, and also avoid deformation and staining.


4. Clean women's exercise underwear should be neatly stacked without forming a mess. Before changing and washing women's exercise underwear, it is best to put them in the bag separately to keep them hygienic. 

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