The Difference Between Fabrics of Vest Sports Bra

The Difference Between Fabrics of Vest Sports Bra


The Difference Between Fabrics of Vest Sports Bra

There are many types of women's bras, and the sports bra vest is one of them. So what is a sports bra vest? Is there any difference between a sports bra vest and ordinary bras sold in underwear stores?


Ⅰ. What is a sports bra vest


sports bra vest, also known as sports bra, is a category classified according to the "specific functions of the bra". Therefore, the sports bra vest is to prevent female breasts from being hurt during exercise and fitness.


A bra is a feminine article that protects and beautifies breasts. It is generally composed of buckles, shoulder straps, adjusting buckles, metal wires at the bottom of the bra, padding, etc. It was invented by the French in the 1920s, and its "predecessor" was Corset. The English name of bra is Brassiere, and it is often abbreviated as bra. Although the sports bra vest was developed on the basis of the bra and inherited many structural characteristics of the bra, in fact there are many differences between the two.

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Ⅱ. The difference between fabrics of sports bra vest


(1) In terms of the composition of the fabric, the fabric of sports underwear will be relatively fixed. Most of the professional sports bra vests on the market are made of full nylon, polyester, ammonia polyester, polyester, nylon, etc. The fabric has good wear resistance. At the same time, the dense texture can better tie the breast and prevent the suspensory ligament from being strained by the vibration of the breast. Taking into account the moisture-wicking needs of sports, there will be some composite fabrics: for example, the cotton knitted structure close to the skin is mainly for absorbing sweat, and the outer layer is polyester and other chemical fiber fabrics for better sweat wicking. And different from the daily bra, in order to keep the pores fresh and quickly wick away sweat, the inner lining and back structure of the sports bra vest mostly adopt breathable mesh. The fabrics of ordinary bras are silk, cotton, spandex, nylon and so on.


(2) In terms of fabric structure, Hergymclothing adjustable sports bra tiktok are mostly knitted structure, weft-knitted jersey with good elasticity, rib structure or warp-knitted mesh with good fixation. The structure of ordinary bras is lace, warp knitting, mesh or smooth surface structure.


Ⅲ. Tips for sports bra vest


(1) If you want to participate in a marathon with a Hergymclothing sports vest that you just bought, it is recommended to apply some petroleum jelly to the areas that are prone to wear and tear, which can effectively prevent skin damage.


(2) Many professional sports underwear do not have pads. The main reason is that factors such as ventilation and perspiration, wrapping and cushioning are considered. The stimulation during exercise may easily cause the erection of nipples. If it is unacceptable, the solution is to "paste nipple sticker", or you can also bring your own breast pad to prevent bumps of nipples, or put on a T-shirt to cover up.


(3) Prepare two levels of sports bra vest, which will make you more comfortable. In this way, better choices can be made based on the intensity of the sport.

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