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The Difference Between Adjustable Bras and Ordinary Underwear


The Difference Between Adjustable Bras and Ordinary Underwear

Ⅰ. The difference between adjustable bras and ordinary underwear


1. Ordinary underwear is designed according to the most popular styles nowadays, paying more attention to the beauty of underwear, while adjustable bras are designed according to science, such as medicine, ergonomics, engineering and textiles, and pay more attention to adjusting the plasticity of the chest.


2. The raw material of ordinary underwear is generally sponge, and sponge is easy to absorb bacteria and dye, and it is easy to mold and deteriorate when stored for a long time, which will damage the underwear. Adjustable bras are usually made of highly elastic fibers, and the underwear has better elasticity and is not easy to deform due to external forces.


Ordinary underwear generally wears out for two months before it retreats. So you have to change your underwear in time. The adjustable bras are made of high-fiber materials, so they can be worn for more than half a year, and good ones can be worn for more than a year without any problems.


3. Ordinary underwear mainly has the functions of keeping warm, fashionable, and preventing exposure. In addition to the basic functions of ordinary underwear, an adjustable gym vest also has the function of adjusting the breasts to help you promote the healthy growth of the breasts.


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Ⅱ. The function of adjustable bras


The adjustable bras of HerGymClothing (HGC) are designed and built according to the human body characteristics according to the principles of human aesthetics, ergonomics, structural mechanics, and anatomy. The product has the characteristics of comfort, ventilation, body shaping and health care and antibacterial. So if you want to buy women's sportswear online, then come to HerGymClothing!


Adjustable bras can locate and lock the lost, displaced, and sagging fat, correctly direct the growth direction of fat, strengthen the sweating effect, promote blood circulation, activate fat cells, accelerate the stimulation of fat fluidity, and soften fat.


Adjustable bras can achieve the effect of preventing body deformation and delaying the aging of the body, and the deformed body can also be repaired in a standardized manner.

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