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The Difference Between a Sports Bra Vest and an Ordinary Bra


The Difference Between a Sports Bra Vest and an Ordinary Bra

Ⅰ. The fabric difference between sports bra vest and ordinary bra


1. In terms of the composition of the fabric, the fabric of sports bra vest will be relatively fixed. Most of the professional sports bras on the market are made of full nylon, polyester-spandex, polyester nylon, etc. The fabrics have good abrasion resistance and the compact texture can better tie the chest to prevent the suspensory ligament from being strained by the shaking of the chest. Different from ordinary bras, in order to keep the pores fresh and quickly wick away sweat, the inner lining and back structure of the sports bra vest are mostly breathable meshes. The fabrics of ordinary bras are silk, cotton, spandex, nylon and so on.


2. In terms of fabric structure, the sports bra vest is mostly knitted structure, weft-knitted jersey with good elasticity, rib structure or warp-knitted mesh with good fixation. The structure of ordinary bras is lace, warp knitting, mesh or smooth surface structure. You can go to an activewear shop to buy one.

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Ⅱ. The functional difference between sports bra vest and ordinary bra


1. The sports bra vest provide certain support and protection to the chest. On the one hand, it reduces the shaking of the breast during exercise, and on the other hand, it reduces the damage to the chest caused by clothing friction.


2. The sports bra vest is designed with many sports functions, which can provide people with free and comfortable conditions, without restricting movement, so that people can stretch flexibly and freely during exercise.


3. High-quality sports bra vest has quick-drying function and good air permeability to keep the body surface dry and clean and the breast skin healthy.


4. The structure of sports bra vests and ordinary bras are not exactly the same. Ordinary bras do not have such a good fixing and supporting effect, and cannot effectively reduce the impact on the breasts during exercise; ordinary bras have restrictions on movement, which is decided by design structure. At the same time, it is worth noting that the sports bra vest does not consider too much breast-beautifying effect with little impact on breast shaping.

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