How to Judge Whether Gym Bra Fits? How to Maintain Gym Bra?

How to Judge Whether Gym Bra Fits? How to Maintain Gym Bra?


How to Judge Whether Gym Bra Fits? How to Maintain Gym Bra?

I. The normal way to wear a gym bra


First, stretch your hands into the sides of the gym bra, put it to the position of your elbows, and then spread the sides of the underwear with your elbows, grab the middle part of the gym bra, and let your head go in from the middle part of the gym bra. Adjust the bust to a comfortable position. Pull the shoulder straps as if you are wearing underwear, so you can wear the gym bra.


The correct way to take off the gym bra for ladies: first pull the underwear up to half of your chest, cross your hands and pull the bottom edge of the underwear. Take off gym bra like taking off thermal underwear.


gym bra


II. How to judge whether a gym bra fits?


  1. The bottom circumference of the chest


The bottom circumference is the most important support for the chest. When trying on a gym bra, it is best to fasten the outermost buckle, which must be firm but not too tight. The right size is to be able to pull the underwear 1-2 inches apart, and it can fit the chest flatly. If the gym bra slides up from the back, then the gym bra for ladies is too loose.


  1. Breast cup


The full cup wrap can have better support. The cup should not have the phenomenon of breast overflow, which means that the cup is too small and the cup is not flat, indicating that the gym bra is too big.


  1. Under the breast support line


The submammary support line is equivalent to the circle where the underwear has a steel ring. The support line can wrap the breast better and will not compress any breast tissue.


  1. Shoulder strap


First of all, ensure that the shoulder straps of the gym crop vest are safe and will not slip off during exercise. In the choice of size, it should be the same as the usual bra straps. It should not be too tight or too loose.


gym crop vest


III. How to maintain a gym bra?


A gym bra is a consumable item, and it is often baptized by sweat. Don't throw it into the washing machine for convenience. This will increase the wear of underwear.


  1. Clean in time to avoid a peculiar smell! You can soak for 5-10 minutes first, and the water temperature should not be too high.


  1. Wash separately with gentle technique. Do not use a softener to avoid damage to the flexibility of the gym bra for ladies.


  1. After washing, it should be washed with water and dried in a cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sun damage to the elasticity and color of the gym bra. Don't hang the gym bra in a damp place to prevent bacteria from breeding.


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