How to Choose Gym Bra for Exercises of Different Intensities?

How to Choose Gym Bra for Exercises of Different Intensities?


How to Choose Gym Bra for Exercises of Different Intensities?

I. Learn about gym bra


Regarding the selection of sportswear, I believe that comfort is the most important thing. After all, sports need to use our whole body and various body parts, so the support and elasticity of the clothes must be good enough. Many girls now know that they need to protect their breasts during exercise, so they wear gym bras. But many people don't know what kind of gym bra should be worn for different kinds of sports.


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II. Gym bra selected for different intensity exercise


High-intensity sports include: running, ball games, boxing, track, and field, etc.

high intensity sports bra should be worn during high-intensity sports.

The high-intensity sports bra is shockproof, breathable, and quick-drying.


1. High-intensity sports bra is wrapped with a high U-neck, the chest is not shifted and is more concentrated.

2. The high-intensity sports bra heightens the flanks to stably support the cushioning.

3. The high-intensity sports bra is three-dimensional and stable so that the back is beautiful and the chest is more powerfully supported.

4. The widening of the bottom circumference of the high-intensity sports bra can gently support the chest.


Medium-intensity sports include cycling, race walking, rock climbing, weight training, etc.

You should wear medium-intensity vest sports bra during exercise. This kind of gym bra has its characteristics: stable support and comfortable perspiration.


1. The high u-neck is thinner, and the one-piece cup wraps, locking the chest without shifting.

2. The breathable mesh shoulder strap is widened to disperse the pressure on the shoulders and make it comfortable and not easy to slip off.

3. It has mesh spliced side wings, which are breathable, refreshing, and not sticky.


Low-intensity exercises include yoga, Pilates, and hiking.

Low-intensity sports vest bra should be worn during exercise. This type of gym bra has its characteristics: skin-friendly touch and free stretching.


1. Small v-neck, full of vitality and sexy during yoga

2. It has a detachable chest pad, which is easy to change and wash, easy to get rid of the embarrassing situation of bumps.

3. It has high elasticity and wide bottom circumference, which is a comfortable fit and not tight and has no curling, no upturning.

4. The skin-friendly and delicate inner lining is as soft as cotton wrapped and can be worn daily.


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