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How to Choose a Sports Crop Vest?


How to Choose a Sports Crop Vest?

When we know the importance of sports vests, how do we choose a sports vest that suits us? A well-fitting sports vest should be snug and not too tight. A sports vest that is too tight may make you feel difficult to breathe while running, and may even squeeze your skin. Sports vests that are too loose are easy to slip and scratch the skin. So how do we choose sports vests in our daily lives?


1. For the sports crop vest, don't just choose one size blindly


Because the main function of the sports crop vest is to strengthen the covering of the chest and strengthen the shock resistance during exercise, its elasticity will be greater than that of the ordinary bra, and it will definitely be tighter than ordinary underwear. It is possible that you wear 70B for one brand of underwear and 75B for another brand.


Furthermore, different sports vest brands will have their own classifications and brand sizes will vary. Therefore, when buying sports underwear, don't just look for and choose the same size. Also, don't choose the size of the sports vest based solely on the size of the underwear you usually wear.

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2. Choose a sports crop vest according to exercise intensity


According to the level of heart rate, exercise intensity is generally divided into three types: low-intensity exercise, medium-intensity exercise, and high-intensity exercise. If you choose the corresponding supportive sports vest according to the exercise intensity, you will find that sports vests are also divided into low, medium, and high-strength support. Generally, you can find the corresponding label on the package. Or you could choose the cross back sports top.


Low-intensity exercise vest: daily fitness, such as hiking, yoga, Pilates. These sports have relatively small requirements for the fixation of the sports vest, and generally choose a simple fixed bra. Medium-strength sports vests mainly rely on elastic fabrics to form a certain pressure on the breasts to achieve a fixed effect. Compared with low-intensity sports vests, medium-intensity sports vests have more stringent requirements for tailoring, requiring full consideration of factors such as the shape and structure of the breast and the stress on the shoulders and backs. The shaking of the chest is the most intense during high-intensity exercise. This type of exercise requires the highest support and fixation of the sports vest. The sports vest is required to have a good fixation, but also can not produce obvious discomfort and pressure on the chest.

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