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Does Women's Exercise Underwear Need a Chest Pad?


Does Women's Exercise Underwear Need a Chest Pad?

Exercise is the best way to keep us healthy. Whether it is fitness or weight loss, girls need to wear women's exercise underwear. Should we choose exercise underwear with chest pads?


1. Do you need a chest pad for women's exercise underwear?


Do you need a chest pad for women's exercise underwear, especially for girls with big breasts? You must choose underwear with chest pads, which is to avoid bumps. Women's exercise underwear is divided into one-piece chest pad, removable chest pad, and no chest pad. Choose one according to your actual situation.

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2. Is it necessary to take out the sponge for women's exercise underwear to wash?


When washing women's exercise underwear, take out the sponge and then wash it. It can be washed more cleanly, but do not rub it hard to avoid deformation of the sponge cushion. As a close-fitting garment, women's exercise underwear should be washed by hand. Do not wash it directly in the washing machine. If it is washed in the washing machine for many times, the sponge cushion in the women's exercise underwear will be deformed.


3. How long can women wear exercise underwear? How to wash?


Women's exercise underwear can generally be worn for about a year, because it will wear out to a certain extent without elasticity, and not provide enough protection. At least two or three sports underwear sets can be used for daily replacement, and the underwear should be washed in time. Putting the worn women's exercise underwear aside for a long time will tend to breed bacteria, so it's better to avoid doing that.


How to wash women's exercise underwear? When cleaning women's exercise underwear, pay attention to the water temperature. Usually, warm water is used when cleaning. Do not use too hot water, because some underwear cushions may be made of latex which may be damaged. Don't wash it directly with cold water either. Some fats and oils are not washed as clean as warm water. 

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