What Are the Differences in Comfortable Sports Bra?

What Are the Differences in Comfortable Sports Bra?


What Are the Differences in Comfortable Sports Bra?

I. Features of comfortable sports bra


A suitable sports bra should provide comprehensive support and protection, and restrain the shaking of the breast to a minimum. A comfortable sports bra should have the following characteristics:


  1. Protective


A comfortable sports bra can limit the displacement of the breast in all directions, it is not just a simple and rude wrap around the breast. During exercise, under the protection of the sports bra, the relative displacement of the breast and the chest is greatly reduced, so as to prevent the breast from being excessively stretched and damaged during severe shaking.


  1. Comfort


The material of a comfortable workout bralette should not be pure cotton, it should be made of quick-drying fabric that wicks perspiration and breathability, and the stitching of the sports bra should be flat.


  1. Suitable for sports


The shoulder straps should fit snugly and will not slip and rub against the skin during exercise. After wearing a comfortable sports bra, there should be no sense of restraint, especially the shoulder and arm movements should not be affected. Generally, the shoulder straps of a comfortable sports bra are thick, because too thin shoulder straps tend to draw marks on the shoulders during intense running.


A comfortable sports bra


II. How to choose a comfortable sports bra?


How to choose a comfortable sports bra? First, determine the type of exercise. Different types of exercises have different levels of vibration on the breasts. Generally, low-support sports bras are chosen for walking; medium-support sports bras are chosen for brisk walking and race walking, and strong-support sports bras should be chosen for running. You could choose a comfortable sports bra at an activewear online store, which is convenient and safe. When choosing a comfortable workout bralette, you should determine the size of the cup. The bra model consists of two parts: the size of the bra and the size of the cup.


There are three main types of comfortable sports bra:


  1. Compression sports bra

The appearance is similar to a sports vest. Relying on the elasticity of the fabric to generate pressure, the breasts are fixed to the chest, and there is no separate cup compartment.


  1. Wrapped sports bra

This kind of bra is similar to an everyday bra. The comfortable sports bra has specially designed shoulder straps, side wings, and back structure to share the pressure generated by the vibration of the breasts during exercise, which is better than compression bras in terms of protection and comfort.


  1. Composite sports bra

In the structure, it has the characteristics of compression type and wrapping type at the same time, and the strength of the fabric is also correspondingly improved.


Comfortable sports bra


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