How to Choose Comfortable Sports Bra?

How to Choose Comfortable Sports Bra?


How to Choose Comfortable Sports Bra?

In order to protect yourself and the fragile breast tissue, you must think about whether your sports equipment is adequate before exercise. If your budget is only enough to buy one thing, a comfortable sports bra is definitely your only choice.


Comfortable sports bra


I. Choose a comfortable sports bra from the perspective of sports medicine


  1. Comfortable sports bra can limit the range of chest movement


Regardless of the direction, the amplitude of the chest movement should be within 3 cm (up, down, left, and right, front, back, etc.) to protect the breast suspensory ligament from damage and provide good support. A comfortable and adjustable sports bra can support the weight of the breast through uniform tension, instead of simply squeezing the breast.


  1. Comfortable sports bra allows the chest to be naturally supported


During exercise, the breasts should move with the body to reduce the stretch caused by inertial impact.


From the adaptability of other organs of the body, a comfortable sports bra should not hinder the free movement of the scapula and should allow the shoulders to rotate freely. The wider shoulder straps can bear the weight of the chest, but the thinner shoulder straps concentrate the weight of the chest on a small part of the shoulders so that the shoulders will appear with red marks.


II. Choose a comfortable sports bra from a sports perspective


The comfortable sports bra feels easy during exercise; the comfortable sports bra is also breathable, sweat can be drained smoothly instead of being absorbed by the bra fabric, and the temperature between the skin and the fabric is within the normal range. And you could buy this sportswear online, which is convenient and safe while we are still confronting with COVID-19.


comfortable sports bra


III. Choose a comfortable sports bra from a design perspective


A comfortable sports bra cannot have the three structures of a traditional bra:


There should be no steel ring to avoid damage to the breast suspensory ligament.


The shoulder strap cannot be adjusted. On the one hand, it makes the support more even and effective, and on the other hand, it prevents the plastic adjuster from abrading the skin.


The seams must be smooth to avoid rough seams from scratching the skin. A squeeze sports bra can hurt your chest, and wearing a daily bra during exercise can damage your chest. So when you exercise, choose a comfortable sports bra that suits you.